WebAssembly is a new type of code that can be run in modern web browsers — it is a low-level assembly-like language with a compact binary format that runs with near-native performance and provides languages such as C/C++ and Rust with a compilation target so that they can run on the web.

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Creating Complete Server-Side and WebAssembly Blazor Applications - Syncfusion Controls

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Krustlet Brings WebAssembly to Kubernetes with a Rust-Based Kubelet

Krustlet Brings WebAssembly to Kubernetes with a Rust-Based Kubelet. In the world of Kubernetes, most programs extending Kubernetes are written in Go, and most applications orchestrated by Kubernetes are packaged as containers. Written in Rust, Krustlet enable Kubernetes to schedule WebAssembly modules instead containers.

Key Features of the Syncfusion Blazor Kanban Board

Our Blazor kanban board is a task scheduling component that provides a clear user interface for managing tasks with multiple stages. Kanban boards are widely used in various real-time applications such as task scheduling, project management, software development, manufacturing processes, personal ta

Blazor File Upload - An advanced Input File Component - Syncfusion

Blazor File Upload is an advanced InputFile component which can be used to upload one or multiple files, images or documents to a server intiutively.

Binding Data to Blazor ListView Using Entity Framework

Learn how to bind data easily in the Blazor ListView control using Entity Framework. Download an example from GitHub:https://bit.ly/3nt6U0ILearn how to confi...

Exploring Key Features of Blazor MultiSelect Dropdown

Exploring Key Features of Blazor MultiSelect Dropdown - Syncfusion's Blazor MultiSelect Dropdown is a textbox component that allows a user to type or select multiple values from a list of predefined options. It works in both Blazor Server and WebAssembly (WASM) applications. You can bind the MultiSelect Dropdown to a data source using different mode

Lazy Loading Syncfusion Blazor Assemblies in a Blazor WebAssembly Application

The Blazor platform provides support for lazy loading assemblies starting with .NET 5 Preview 8. It is a feature that allows you to load a specific set of assemblies on navigating to a particular component's route path—that means the specified assemblies will be loaded in the browser only

Get Real-Time Updates in Blazor WebAssembly Apps with SignalR Communication

What is SignalR? SignalR is an open-source software library used to send asynchronous notifications to client-side applications.  The library includes both server-side and client-side components. SignalR works great in any kind of web application, but the best use cases are generally applications t

Blazor WebAssembly: An Overview

Nowadays, applications that run in browsers are becoming more and more complete. Examples of these are office programs such as Microsoft 365 or Google Docs, which frequently present new functions and therefore require more resources. These types of web applications are often built in JavaScript, but

Building a Pixel Editor in Rust & WebAssembly (and JavaScript)

We're going to build a basic in-browser pixel editor with undo & redo using Rust & Webassembly and Javascript & Canvas. We use the rust-webpack-template starter kit and by the end the "im" immutable data structures library to improve the storage of state in our undo queue.

Build PWAs with Blazor WebAssembly Using Syncfusion Components [Webinar]

In this webinar, we’ll walk through how to build a progressive web application with ASP.NET Core-hosted Blazor WebAssembly using our Blazor components, updat...

3 Different Hosting Models in Blazor

Blazor is an open source single-page web application development framework developed by Microsoft. Unlike other frameworks such as Angular, React and Vue which depend on JavaScript libraries, Blazor allows you to write and run C# code in web browsers via WebAssembly. In this blog, we will discuss a

Making Phone Calls 📞 from Blazor WebAssembly with Twilio Voice - The .NET Docs Show

Combine Blazor WASM, JavaScript Interop, Twilio's client library, ngrok for ASP.NET Core WebAPI, and Twilio back end.

Make a Browser Game with Blazor WebAssembly, Entity Framework & SQL Server in .NET 5

Make a Browser Game with Blazor WebAssembly, Entity Framework & SQL Server in .NET 5

Create your First Blazor WebAssembly App in NET 5 using Visual Studio 2019

In this tutorial, you will learn to set up your development environment and build your first Blazor WebAssembly App in NET 5 using Visual Studio 2019

Making JavaScript run fast on WebAssembly

Making JavaScript run fast on WebAssembly. JavaScript in the browser runs many times faster than it did two decades ago. We’re starting work on optimizing JavaScript performance for entirely different environments, where different rules apply. And this is possible because of WebAssembly.

ASP.NET Core Blazor Component Virtualization in .NET 5 – An Overview

Virtualization is a technique that helps you to process and render only the items that are currently visible on the page (in the content viewport). We can use this technique when dealing with large amounts of data, where processing all the data and displaying the result will take time. For example,

How to Dynamically Render a Component in a Blazor Application

In Blazor, we typically use either RenderTreeBuilder or Razor syntax (RenderFragment) to create dynamic components. In the classic approach, we check for the data type or for a condition to dynamically render a component. This necessitates manually maintaining the component’s state of visibility b

10 Hot Language Projects Riding WebAssembly

10 hot language projects riding WebAssembly. WebAssembly is a low-level, assembly-like language with a compact binary format that runs with near-native performance in web browsers. These programming language and compiler projects offer 10 different twists on the promise of WebAssembly.

WebAssembly is The Technology Of Future?

WebAssembly, generally called WASM, is a compact, future and portable code that can run on most browsers which makes it a technologies of the future. "WebAssembly (abbreviated Wasm) is a binary instruction format for a stack-based virtual machine. WebAssembly is the technology of future?