Beginner's Guide to Django Web Apps

Django is a free and open-source web framework designed to quickly develop web apps. Now you may be wondering what is a web app? Well, a web application is a website with added interactive features and functionality for site users. Whereas a...

Prepend multiple elements at once using prepend() - JavaScript DOM Tutorial

I'll be showing you how to use the "ParentNode.prepend" method within JavaScript, which lets you prepend multiple nodes at once to a parent node/element.

Detect When Users Switch Tabs - Page Visibility API in JavaScript

I'll be showing you how to detect when a user switches tabs on your web page, using the Page Visibility API in JavaScript.

Generating Accessible Color Combinations For the Web

Creating a unique experience for every visitor with generative design

Using the "Pointer-Events" property - CSS Tutorial

The pointer-events CSS property allows you to control whether or not an element can be interacted with via the mouse - or in other words, be a target of pointer events.

¿Qué es Deno 🦕? Primeros pasos con el "sucesor' de Node.js

¿Qué es Deno 🦕? Deno es un nuevo entorno de ejecución seguro para JavaScript y TypeScript. es decir, la evolución de Node.js añadiendo varias mejoras. Muchas cosas interesantes que empiezan ahora, ya que su v1.0 ha sido lanzada el 13 de Mayo de 2020. Veremos que nos depara el futuro.

API Development in Deno

Code-along video: Get started with API development in Deno using the oak framework. In this video we will setup oak and a few GET routes with and without dynamic parameters.

ทำความรู้จักกับ deno

ทำความรู้จักกับ deno. ทำความรู้จักกับ deno เจ้า javascript engine ที่อาจจะมาแทนที่ node js ได้ในอนาคต

What is Deno! An Introduction Tutorial | TypeScript & JavaScript

What is Deno? Deno aims to provide a productive and secure scripting environment for the modern programmer. It is built on top of V8, Rust, and TypeScript. DenoJS is there to replace NodeJS. Let's take a first look at Deno, explore it's key features and find out if you should make the switch.

How to create a REST API using Oak and Deno with TypeScript

Deno 1.0 Released! Learn how to create a REST API using Oak and Deno with TypeScript. Learn how to create a simple, easy REST API using Deno and JavaScript. I'm going to use one of his examples where he uses Oak and Deno with TypeScript to create a simple REST API.

How to Build a Dynamic Web Application using DOM and JavaScript

In this JavaScript DOM tutorial, you'll learn how to build a dynamic web application using minimal HTML and instead using the Document Object Model (DOM) and JavaScript. Build dynamic and efficient single page web applications with this tutorial, and learn why they’re so important. Build a Single Page Web app JavaScript and the DOM

Setting up a Mac for Web Development 2020 💻✨

Setting up a Mac for Web Development 2020 💻✨ Homebrew / Terminal / git / Code Editor / Node.js

React vs. Svelte - Should you choose Svelte over React?

React vs. Svelte - A quick difference between React and Svelte. Should you choose Svelte over React? Should you switch your projects to Svelte? or Should you even learn it?

JavaScript Events: Capture, Target, Bubble

JavaScript events and event handling. In this Javascript events tutorial, you'll understand the life cycle of the events, the execution phase of event handlers, and how to manipulate default browser behavior when an event is fired.

How to Animate Checkbox using CSS

Learn How to animate checkbox by using css. Learn how to create toggle switch. You can use it on your websites after some changes as you want. You will see Checkbox design is working smoothly with transition effect from unchecked to checked by user.

Svelte vs. Vue - Which One to Choose?

Svelte vs Vue: How does Svelte - a framework that offers high performance and improved development experience - compare to an established player like Vue?

JSON Best practices

JSON Best practices. JSON is no doubt a flexible way to share data across systems. But that doesn’t mean JSON can be created any way. JSON is no doubt a flexible way to share data across systems. But that doesn’t mean JSON can be created any way.

How to use Patreon API and Pillow to Automate Image Creation

In this Python Tutorial, we'll be learning how to use the Patreon API and the Pillow library to automate the creation of images.

What Is Deno And Do You Need To Learn It?

What Is Deno And Do You Need To Learn It? Deno V1 has just released. It has built in Typescript support, no package manager, security-first design, and much more. Will Deno replace Node? The differences between Deno and Node.js. Why Deno will not replace Node yet

How to Generate or Create and Download PDF in Laravel 7/6 Applications

Learn how you can easily generate or create pdf & download pdf in laravel 7/6 applications. We use the laravel dom-pdf packages and easily create invoices, acknowledgments, tickets, etc.