Muhammad  Price

Muhammad Price


The Complete Beginner's Guide to Web Development

In this video, I will be a Complete Beginner's Guide to Web Development

In part one of this web development tutorial series, we will cover:

Introduction to web development (00:00)

What does a Web Developer do? (00:46)

How to set up your developer environment (02:18)

Let's start writing your first HTML (05:30)

Tutorial recap (09:50)

Links to the free resources required for this tutorial:

🖥  Google Chrome:
✏️  Sublime:

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The Complete Beginner's Guide to Web Development
Erna  Herzog

Erna Herzog


How to Build Adjustable Split Panels using React and Split JS

Learn how to build adjustable split panels like Codepen using React and Split JS.




Introduction: 0:00

Example 1: 1:49

Include the Split JS CSS Styles: 5:10

Example 2: 7:38

Example 3: 10:40

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How to Build Adjustable Split Panels using React and Split JS
Sasha  Hall

Sasha Hall


How To Build A Blog With Django 1

How To Build A Blog With Django | Part 1
In this video, how to build a simple blog using django.

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How To Build A Blog With Django 1

New Features of Laravel 9 - A Comprehensive Study & Analysis

Laravel v9 will be the next LTS version of Laravel, and it will be coming out in January 2022.

Let’s explore what you can expect from the much-anticipated Laravel 9

Read Blog:

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New Features of Laravel 9 - A Comprehensive Study & Analysis
Lia Sue Kim

Lia Sue Kim


JavaScript Merging Variables - Lesson 5 #shorts

Learn how to merge variables(assign the value of 1 variable to another)

Let’s talk about setting the value of one variable to another.

So let’s say we have two variables

  • a & b
let a; // undefinedlet 
b = 5; // 5
  1. The first variable a has no value so it’s undefined by default in JavaScript.

Remember that undefined is also a data type in JavaScript.

2.  The second variable has an initial value number “5" in it.

If we say a = b

let a; // here a was undefined
let b  = 5;  // because b is 5
a = b; // because b = 5 here a is also 5 

Notice up there a was undefined. So we set it to be equal to b. Because b = 5

The variable a becomes also 5

Feel free to console.log(a) at various points in your code editor to see the difference.

Gentle Intro to Data Types in JavaScript

So far we have been covering some basic data types in JavaScript

  1. Undefined is a Data Type ( let a; ) // the value of a is a data type in here.
  2. Number is a Data Type (let b = 5; )
  3. Strings are Data Type ( let myName = “Lia Sue Kim ” )

That was just a gentle introduction to Data Types. I’ll make a video explaining in details.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the next one.

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JavaScript Merging Variables - Lesson 5 #shorts
Ivan Petrenko

Ivan Petrenko


Top 6 JavaScript Family Tree Diagram Libraries - DZone Java

A family tree is a type of diagram used for showcasing a person’s ancestry and generational bonds in a compelling tree-like structure. This data visualization tool is widely utilized in historical, genealogical, social, or medical web projects.

Building a well-structured and informative JavaScript family tree diagram from scratch and integrating such functionality into an existing web app can be a challenging task. That is why web developers frequently rely on JS components to speed up the process and avoid unnecessary bugs. 

Let us review popular JavaScript diagramming libraries and their main features that help to produce family trees with the least effort.

#webdevelopement #JavaScript #webapp #library 

DHTMLX Diagram

DHTMLX Diagram is a JavaScript library with ample customization and configuration possibilities that allows building cross-browser diagrams of various types and any scale much faster. Apart from family trees, you can visually present different volumes of data via org charts, flowcharts, UML class diagrams, etc.

Using a convenient API of this lightweight library, you can easily create a JavaScript family tree diagram with the help of built-in shapes. If you need to make the look of your family tree more sophisticated, it is pretty simple to supplement the cards of family members with the required HTML content, such as any text, image, or icons. You can even equip shapes with a compact context menu to provide users with interactive controls. 

Numerous styling options allow modifying the look and feel of the diagram according to your needs via the API or CSS. The DHTMLX control can be seamlessly integrated into web apps based on popular JS frameworks (Angular, React, Vue.js).

example of a the British royal family

Learn how to build such family trees and other tree diagrams with DHTMLX in this step-by-step guide.

But more interestingly, DHTMLX Diagram comes with live editors enabling you to easily build family trees and other diagrams and edit them on-the-go without manipulating code. The left panel of the editor allows selecting necessary shapes with drag-and-drop. The right panel offers various editing settings for the selected shape: dimensions/positioning, coloring, stroke, and content modification options. The editor can be adjusted to the needs of your project. For example, it is possible to add custom shapes in the editor and set any parameters for their editing.

If you are working with a sizable diagram, you won’t even need to think about how to arrange it in a better way, as the auto-layout algorithm will do the job for you. Moreover, some handy functionalities include expanding and collapsing family tree branches, zooming in and out, and searching for a particular shape using the search field that will make your interactions with large diagrams more productive and less time-consuming. The completed family tree diagram can be exported to PDF, PNG, or JSON format. 

Benefiting from all-encompassing documentation, including detailed guides and interactive samples, you will be able to quickly learn the main concepts of the DHTMLX Diagram and get the best out of its rich feature set.

Trial version: DHTMLX Diagram

Price: from 599$ to 2,899$

yFiles for HTML

yFiles for HTML is a JavaScript graph visualization toolkit designed for generating various graphs and diagrams, including family trees. It also allows utilizing modern drawing technologies such as SVG, WebGL, and HTML5 Canvas that can be combined for creating good-looking diagrams.

When it comes to visualizing individuals in family tree diagrams, yFiles for HTML offers ready-made geometric shapes with the support for color-coding specifying the individual’s gender and multiple text labels to make your diagram more info-packed. Editing features such as zooming, panning, undo/redo help to apply any changes in your diagram with no trouble.

yFiles for HTML example

Part of John F. Kennedy’s family tree. Check the full demo.

Moreover, you can also take advantage of a special-purpose FamilyTreeLayout algorithm that provides nontrivial approaches to arranging the members of families. For instance, the algorithm factors in types of family tree nodes (based on gender) when configuring the diagram structure.

Support for Typescript bindings and modern ECMAScript features and compatibility with major JavaScript frameworks help expand the applicability of this library. A collection of demo applications, a developer’s guide, and tutorials will give you a clear understanding of how to use yFiles for HTML in real-case scenarios.

Trial version: yFiles for HTML

Price: from $11,900.00


GoJS is a TypeScript-based solution intended for producing diagrams and graphs of varying complexity – from basic tree-type diagrams to comprehensive industrial diagrams. For example, you can create a traditional family tree with collapsible levels and all related attributes or come up with a genogram - an extended version of a family tree showing relationships within a given family in more detail.

GoJS example

Part of the Japanese Imperial Family tree. Check the full demo.

Сustomizable templates and layouts ensure time savings when constructing a diagram of your choice. Besides, GoJS provides a range of features such as in-place text editing, tooltips, context menus, palettes, overviews, etc., which will improve user experience. There are also special tools that can be employed to perform customizations and animate different elements of your diagram.

GoJS functions independently from any 3rd party tools. It fits well into web apps developed with the use of common JavaScript frameworks. GoJS also operates in headless or server environments such as Node.js.

Technical descriptions, full API documentation, and multiple interactive samples will give you an insight into the technical peculiarities of GoJS and give you the idea of how to start with it in your apps.

Trial version: GoJS

Price: from 3,495$ to 9,950$

Top 6 JavaScript Family Tree Diagram Libraries - DZone Java

World Web Technology Ranked 9th Among the Top Web Development Company

World Web Technology Pvt. Ltd. has been listed one among the Top Web Development Companies for November 2021 by TopDevelopers.Co  🏆🙌

Read more here 👉

#webdevelopement #webdeveloper #websitedevelopment #worldwebtechnology 

World Web Technology Ranked 9th Among the Top Web Development Company
Juana  Torphy

Juana Torphy


Build a Shopping App with HTML, CSS and JavaSCript

Here's how to build mobile apps with HTML, CSS and JavaSCript. We'll be working with Dexie.js and IndexedDb for offline storage, and Google Workbox for generating our service worker. This is an easy-to-understand project-based tutorial. 


Introduction - 00:00:00
What we're building - 00:00:56
Setting up our app - 00:04:14
Structuring our app with HTML - 00:06:02
Styling our app with CSS - 00:09:22
Setting up Dexie.js in our shopping app - 00:13:01
Adding items to our IndexedDb database - 00:16:23
Getting items from our IndexedDb database - 00:19:27
Creating a function to calculate our items total price - 00:23:24
Displaying items in our shopping app - 00:25:38
Updating data in our IndexedDb database - 00:28:26
Deleting data from our IndexedDb database - 00:31:04
Setting up Workbox for PWA - 00:32:37
Generating our Service worker - 00:34:00
Making our app installable - 00:38:38
Challenge - 00:42:22

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  Build a Shopping App with HTML, CSS and JavaSCript

Things to Know as JavaScript/Web Developer

In this tutorial, we are going to learn the Things to Know as JavaScript/Web Developer


#javascript  #webdevelopement 

Things to Know as JavaScript/Web Developer
Sam  Richards

Sam Richards


How to Compete Against CS Degrees

We'll look at how to compete for software developer jobs against CS degrees as someone who is a self-taught software developer.

0:00 CS degree vs self-taught
0:35 Importance of trust
1:55 Why CS degrees have an advantage
3:16 How to build trust
5:10 How to compete with CS degrees


How to Compete Against CS Degrees
Juana  Torphy

Juana Torphy


Build a Todo App with React js, Bootstrap and Hooks

We'll learn how to build a React js todo app with Hooks, functional components and BootStrap, and without any preparation. So you get to see me build from scratch, make mistakes, use StackOverflow, go through documentation and stare at my screen confused. Haha...Enjoy!

#webdevelopement  #programming  #react  

Build a Todo App with React js, Bootstrap and Hooks

InsertAdjacentHTML in Javascript

In this tutorial, we will learn the InsertAdjacentHTML in Javascript.

Explained about
* insertAdjacentHTML 
* What are possible positions of insertAdjacentHTML method
* Why insertAdjacentHTML is bettter than innerHTML method

#javascript  #webdevelopement  #dom  #html5   


InsertAdjacentHTML in Javascript
Brandon  Adams

Brandon Adams


Complete Guide to "Functions with Parameters in JavaScript" in Hindi

Getting Started With Javascript | Learn Javascript For Beginners

In this tutorial you will learn how to create functions with parameters in javascript in Hindi, Urdu. You can learn how to pass an arguments functions in javascript.

In this video series we are going to learn modern javascript from scratch. This video is recommended for anyone wanting to learn javascript the modern way with ES2015. No previous programming knowledge is required, so this video series will help you learn javascript as your first programming language.

We will also cover how to create functions and use them to write clean and scoped code in javascript. After we are going to create a simple function that is going to take a string and uppercase it for us once we invoke the function.

#javascript  #webdevelopement  #webdesign 

Complete Guide to "Functions with Parameters in JavaScript" in Hindi
Brandon  Adams

Brandon Adams


How to Work Functions in Javascript In Hindi, Urdu

In this tutorial you will learn how to work functions in javascript in Hindi, Urdu. You can learn how to make a function in javascript and reuse the same code again and again.

#javascript  #webdevelopement  #webdesign 

How to Work Functions in Javascript In Hindi, Urdu
Brandon  Adams

Brandon Adams


How to Create Alert Box in Javascript In Hindi, Urdu

In this tutorial you will learn how to create alert box in javascript in Hindi, Urdu. You can learn how show a message popup box in javascript.

#javascript  #webdevelopement  #webdesign 

How to Create Alert Box in Javascript In Hindi, Urdu