Add a Sticky Footer to Your Angular App

Add a Sticky Footer to Your Angular App in 5 Steps. After going through this article, you should have a good way to add a sticky footer to your Angular applications. A common design faux pas is a footer that decides to creep up to the middle of the page when there is not enough content to fill the page. The Sticky Footer pattern will put your application’s footer in its proper place.

Create a Landing page with Less than 100 lines

Recently I bought a [personal domain]( and decided to build a quick landing page to not leave it empty while I work on my portfolio. I thought some of you might find it useful, so I decided to make a tutorial on it. ##...

How To Add a Favicon to Your Site

It could really add that pop and uniqueness to your site. Not all of us have the talent or budget to design our own favicon, but fret not — you can easily search your for an emoji that speaks to you and incorporate it into your site as a favicon!

Multilingual Jekyll on GitHub Pages

Multilingual Jekyll on GitHub Pages. We wanted to host on Github pages to up the simplicity. The site be multilingual is a hard requirement for us and Github pages do not support it. Be able to change the language on all pages. No page should be only in one language.

Improving Design Handoffs: A Guide

To build an awesome and successful digital product you need to do a lot of things. Such as planning, market research, build a prototype, design it, code it, ship it etc. For this whole process, you need to go through lots of handoffs and team communications. One of the more painful handoffs is the Design-to-Development Handoff.

Taking On Computer Science

ʺDon’t compare yourself with anyone in this world…if you do so, you are insulting yourself. ʺ -Bill Gates

Best Web Hosting for your Website!

Web Hosting can lead to enhance your Website performance or degrade it. Best Web Hosting for your Website!

Getting Started with HTML

In HTML, structure and semantics are specified using tags (also called elements). The elements for structural markup include the header, paragraph, bold, italic, line break, subscript and superscript elements.

It’s Not Just You: Websites Really Do All Look the Same Now

By applying generic templates to a wide range of website types, designers are separating form from content, when in fact, form and content are dependent upon each other.

Website Redesign: of Navbars and Pricavy PopUps

Rebuild a notepad-based website with JS, CSS, and a code editor.

How to Build a Beautiful Static Webpage using GitHub

In this post, you'll see How to Build a Beautiful Static Webpage Using GitHub

Hire Frontend Developer

Planning to **[hire frontend developer]( "hire frontend developer")** for web and mobile app design or front-end solutions? We at Data EximIT offers best front-end development solutions with the...