What GitOps actually is and what it is not

GitOps is a modern way to make better IaC for delivering apps in Kubernetes. It is all about determinism, idempotence, automation, observability… and many other exciting features! However, are you sure all this happens in the real world using existing approach and tools?

Overcoming the challenges of cleaning up container images with werf

With time, the number of images in the container registry can grow substantially, taking up more and more space and costing you a fortune. In order to regulate, limit, or sustain acceptable grows rates in the registry space.

Full support for popular Docker Registry implementations in werf

Full support for popular Docker Registry implementations in werf. In this article, we will discuss the main peculiarities of Docker Registry implementations supported by werf as well as resulting improvements in our tool.

Distributed CI/CD with werf

Build & deploy your app using multiple runners. werf is our Open Source tool to build your applications and deploy them to Kubernetes — continuously & consistently.