Node.js and MongoDB - Express REST API Tutorial

Node.js and MongoDB are a popular combination for API development with express. Here's how to get started!

How to Create CRUD App with Vue.js

In this post, we are going to make a CRUD (CREATE READ UPDATE DELETE) App with Vue.js

How to Build a Landing Page with Tailwind CSS

We'll be building a simple but yet beautiful landing page for a fictional product with Tailwind CSS. Learn how to build a styled landing page with Tailwind CSS. Tailwind is a utility-first CSS framework for rapidly building custom user interfaces. This means that Tailwind provides highly composable, low-level utility classes that make it easy to build complex user interfaces without encouraging any two sites

How to Create Social Share Icon’s circle with jQuery

How we can create a sharing widget with a circular layout using HTML CSS JS? Solution: See this CSS Circular Sharing Widget With jQuery, Social Share Icon Circle.

Download Instagram videos and photos using HTML, CSS and JavaScript

How can we download Instagram videos and photos using the HTML CSS JavaScript program? Solution: See this JavaScript Instagram Media Downloader. In other words, Program For Save Instagram Photos & Videos

Express Validator Tutorial with Input Validation in Node.js

In this post, we will understand how to use **express-validator** module to make the input validation from the server side. We will build a basic Node/Express app with the help of a couple of npm packages such as **express-session**, **express-validator**, **cookie-parser**, etc.

Python is Everywhere. Read the Article now and You will not regret it!

Google. YouTube. Instagram. Spotify. Reddit... That’s right: they all use Python. You may not even realize how widespread it is. Python is everywhere.

How to Run a Flutter Web App with Node.js and API

In this article, you will learn a bit about Flutter, with a particular focus on web support, which recently became available as a technical preview in version. You will add web support to an existing Flutter app and run it on a Node.js server alongside a simple API.

How to Create Private Class Properties in JavaScript

In this post, we’ve taken a good look at the new and existing ways of creating private class properties in JavaScript. We learned about the shortcomings of existing methods and saw how the class fields proposal tries to fix and simplify the process.

Explore The Evolution of Annotations in Java 8

Explore the evolution of annotations in Java 8 and how they are being used today! Annotations can be used anywhere in your code, i.e. within classes, methods, and variables. From Java 8, it can be used in type declaration as well.

Vue.js 3 is Future-Oriented Programming, Don't miss !

If you are interested in Vue.js, you probably know about the 3rd version of this framework. This article is aimed at people who have at least some background in JavaScript and Vue.

Understanding Angular Route Resolvers to Better manage

Understanding Angular Route Resolvers to Better manage your components in a few, simple steps.

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In this post, i'll show you how to make a smooth scrolling navigation in JavaScript.