Need For A Balanced Perspective On Big Tech As A Consumer

Not just individuals but Governments world over have started questioning the influence of Big tech.

Tech Behind WhatsApp Rival Signal App

Signal's encryption protocol combines Double Ratchet algorithm with triple Elliptic-curve Diffie Hellman handshake.

Is New WhatsApp Privacy Policy Safe in 2021? | Aglowid IT Solutions

Did you accept the new WhatsApp Privacy Policy? Wait, have a look on what data you will share(or already sharing) with Facebook.

whatsapp plus apk 2021 android

Braziliyalıların mübahisəsiz favoriti olan Whatsapp mesajlaşma tətbiqi gündəlik həyatımızda bizə yoldaşlıq edir. Sadə, ani və praktik, bu tətbiqdə söhbətlərimizin təhlükəsizliyinə zəmanət verən şifrəli mesajlar var. Ancaq təcrübəniz Whatsapp Plus...

Flutter WhatsApp UI | slidable package

Flutter WhatsApp UI | slidable package

How to Make WhatsApp clone app UI using Flutter

In this video I will show you how to make a WhatsApp Clone App UI using Flutter

How to Create Whatsapp Clone with Angular 9 - Full Project

In this video, we work from start to finish to create the clone of whatsapp web in Angular 9. It is one of the longest videos till date and is close to 3 hours almost. So sit back, relax and enjoy it till the end. I tried to explain things as much as possible but it is never enough, you know what I mean. Kindly leave your comments below and don't forget to like this video, share it with your friends and subscribe to my channel. I will be doing a live stream shortly with some other web app ( or clone ) so I hope to see you guys joining me there during the stream. How to Create Whatsapp Clone with Angular 9 - Full Project

Analysing WhatsApp Group Messages using Python

Who sends the most messages? What are the most common words used? What are the most common Emojis used? When do people message most often? If you’ve ever wondered these things about your WhatsApp groups with your mates, then this is the article for you. Find out with some (relatively) simple Python! Analysing WhatsApp Group Messages using Python

How to Build a WhatsApp Translator with Twilio, Python, Flask and Microsoft Azure

You may be a person who uses WhatsApp in your daily life. You may have come across some difficulties while chatting with a person who doesn’t speak your language. And you may be tired of having to quit WhatsApp to open a translator app to get your text messages translated! If so, you’re in the right place! Build a WhatsApp Translator using technologies such as Twilio, Python, Flask, and Microsoft Azure which can apply to many other interesting projects.

Facebook: A Top Launching Pad For Phishing Attacks

Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Facebook and WhatsApp are top brands leveraged by cybercriminals in phishing and fraud attacks – including a recent strike on a half-million Facebook users.

Whatsapp using Python

Developer’s can automate the browser’s activity with a very smart package in python called Selenium. We can make use of whatsapp-web through the browser by using this. Developer’s can automate the browser’s activity with a very smart package in python called Selenium.

Phishers Capitalize on Headlines with Breakneck Speed

Marking a pivot from COVID-19 scams, researchers track a single threat actor through the evolution from the pandemic to PayPal, and on to more timely voter scams — all with the same infrastructure.

Is WhatsApp Safe?

WhatsApp is the most popular messenger owned by Facebook. According to the official stats, the number of WhatsApp active users has reached 1 billion in 2020. Just imagine, approximately 65 million messages are sent via this social app daily.  Since the app is so popular, it’s very attractive for hackers. In this article, I’ll tell you about the major WhatsApp security threats, which will help you protect your chats and shared media from hackers, WhatsApp spy apps, and keylogging software. 

How to Hack WhatsApp Chats

If you’ve come across this article, you probably need to read somebody’s messages on WhatsApp or view shared media files. In this article, you’ll find the best 7 ways to hack WhatsApp chats. I recommend you to look through all of them and choose the one that meets your technical skills and monitoring needs. 

Android Spyware Variant Snoops on WhatsApp, Telegram Messages

The Android malware comes from threat group APT-C-23, also known as Two-Tailed Scorpion and Desert Scorpion.

Facebook Small Business Grants Spark Identity-Theft Scam

“The collected information allowed the scammers to gain access of their victims' Facebook accounts, which they could use to pull off other crimes, including identity theft.” ... However, the form fields provide the crooks with enough personal information to steal full identities, researchers warned.

Build an Urban Dictionary Chatbot in PHP with Bref and the Twilio API for WhatsApp

In this tutorial, we will build a handy WhatsApp bot that gives us the Urban Dictionary definition of words. It will leverage the Twilio API for WhatsApp and the Urban Dictionary API to find and provide the definitions we need, on demand. Learn the latest slang by creating an on demand Urban Dictionary chatbot for WhatsApp. Build an Urban Dictionary Chatbot in PHP with Bref and the Twilio API for WhatsApp

Leverage The Power of Ventaforce WhatsApp Integration | Ventaforce Blog

The Numero Uno Direct Selling Software gets even better with WhatsApp Integration Arguably messaging is the most preferred method for contacting a company or vice versa. WhatsApp is the undisputed leader across the globe in messaging. Look at the...

How to Build your Own Real-time Chat App?

Well, that’s a tremendous idea to create an app like WhatsApp, But you have to get to know the technologies and features used to build it. Now let us get back in the days when the first chat room came enticing users for those stirring small...

Building WhatsApp chatbots using Dialogflow and FireBase step by step

In this tutorial I’ll walk you through an implementation of WhatsApp chatbot using Twilio platform. A step-by-step tutorial to create smart chatbots for your business and have them to interact with your backend. A guide to building WhatsApp chatbots using Dialogflow and FireBase