Using AnimatedPositioned Widget In Flutter

In this blog, we shall explore AnimatedPositioned widget and we will create a custom screen view demo using Animation and AnimatedPositioned. So let's get started.

Flutter Widget Testing - Test Scrollable Widgets - Test AssertionError in Widget

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Interactive Viewer In Flutter

The Interactivity in Flutter just became 100 times better with the new widget called — Interactive Viewer, released in Flutter version 1.20, It immediately became the one thing everyone fell in love with(yes, including me.)

Custom Dialog In Flutter

In this tutorial, we will be going to explore Custom Dialog In Flutter and show a demo of how to make a custom dialog in your flutter applications.

10 Tips on Developing iOS 14 Widgets

Discover more about Widgets and WidgetKit on iOS 14 using Swift and SwiftUI with 10 tips covering many use cases and hidden rules.

Android One-row Home Widget Tips

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Apple Ripped Off Android — and Made Its Features Much Better

When Apple unveiled iOS 14 at WWDC, its yearly developer conference, the company showed off some big features coming to the iPhone later this year

Writing Your First Widget for iOS

Getting started with WidgetKit Writing Your First Widget for iOS

Flutter : NavigationRail Widget - New in v1.17

One such attractive tool was added to the inventory with v1.17 Stable release of Flutter, a couple of days back.