Knowing These Secrets Will Turn Your Long-Running Workflows Into Something Amazing

In this article, we will take a look at how to create long-running workflows using AWS Step Functions and the Ballerina language. AWS Step Functions allow us to define state machines that can have tasks such as executing a Lambda function, inserting a message to a queue using AWS Simple Queue Service (SQS), messaging with AWS Simple Notification Service (SNS), and more.

How to Take Advantage of Dynamic Workflows using Codemagic API

You can now configure your builds using environment variables and software versions dynamically with Codemagic API. Learn how to make calls to Codemagic REST API for starting the build, getting updated status information & canceling the build.

Implementing post-production workflows in Azure

Content creators and media organizations are looking to utilize cloud computing for media post-production workflows. In this video, learn how Microsoft and A