Xamarin is a platform consisting of Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.Mac and Xamarin Test Cloud.


First Uno Platform Course Published

Check out the first Uno Platform course. This technology allows you to build single-source cross-platform apps for phones, browsers, and desktops with C# and XAML. Over the last few months, I've been busily preparing material and editing video for the first Uno Platform Udemy course. Uno Platform is a ...

Learning about SwipeView in Xamarin Forms

Hidden menus make applications aesthetic and easy to use by hiding some options. Let’s explore how this works using the SwipeView control in Xamarin Forms.

Deploying An Application In Xamarin

In this blog, you will learn about deploying an application in Xamarin. Android applications are distributed in many ways after deployment, like website links, e-mail attachments, and app stores.

Xamarin Podcast: //Build 2020 Recap | Xamarin Blog

In this month’s episode, James and Matt recap the 100% remote Microsoft Build that happened at the end of May 2020. They also talk about some new Azure + Xamarin docs and how to reuse Xamarin.Forms in iOS extensions.

Flutter vs Xamarin: A Developer's Perspective

We are taking Flutter and Xamarin for a spin to figure out the ultimate champion of the cross-platform app development market!In this post, we will compare Flutter and Xamarin. The purpose of this extensive comparison is to provide developers with a basic understanding of both technologies and the differences between them.

Xamarin.Forms Shell Quick Tip - Easy Back Navigation

Xamarin.Forms Shell simplifies how easy it is to navigate backwards and pass parameters with some new features recently added. Forms Shell introduced route based navigation to Xamarin. Forms applications to easily navigate through applications and also pass data through query properties. Sometimes in your application it is not always about navigating forward to pages, but it is about navigating backwards when your users perform an action.

Microsoft Build 2020 – Highlights

This Microsoft Build 2020 conference was very different from all the previous ones as a digital experience event because of the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Microsoft made it a great experience – with announcements on Microsoft Azure, .NET 5, Windows, and more.

Xamarin Community Standup - August 6th 2020

Xamarin Community Standup - August 6th 2020.This week we are all about the latest release of Xamarin.Forms 4.7 that introduces a bunch of new APIs including multi-bindings, themes, and a new drawing API for paths and shapes! Join the Mobile .NET Teams for our community standup covering great community contributions for Mobile .NET, Xamarin, Xamarin.Forms, Components, and more.

August dotNET Virtural Events to Tune Into

This August, take your .NET development skills to the next level through this amazing list of online events, streams, and videos just for you!Bringing together speakers from Microsoft, the Uno team, and community for a ½ day online event. Virtual Meetups in August. Saturday, August 1.

Easy Xamarin Essentials with Web Authenticator

Learn how to use the WebAuthenticator class inside of Xamarin Essentials with Okta. You will learn how to create a basic cross-platform application with Xamarin.Forms and use the WebAuthenticator class from Xamarin.Essentials together with Okta to quickly and easily add user login to your mobile app.

Building a CRM with Xamarin.Forms and Azure, Part 3

In this final installment of the blog series, we explore using Azure LUIS AI model with Telerik UI for Xamarin's Conversational UI control.You can find Part One of our series here, where we built the backend. In Part Two of the series, we built the UI with Telerik UI for Xamarin.

Building a CRM with Xamarin.Forms and Azure Part 2

A Xamarin.Forms CRM tutorial using Azure Web App, Cognitive Services BotFramework for iOS Android and UWP.This is the second installment in a tutorial series that shows you how to build a cross platform CRM application with Azure Web App, Azure Cognitive Services and Telerik UI for Xamarin.

Building a CRM with Xamarin.Forms and Azure, Part 1

In this tutorial, we'll build a CRM client app for iOS, Android and Windows 10 using Telerik UI for Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms backed by Azure App Service and Azure Bot Framework. This is the first post in a 3-part tutorial, where I take you from “File > New Project” to fully functional cross-platform CRM application for a fictional Art Gallery company.

Pick a Date with Telerik Date Picker for Xamarin.Forms

Learn about our new Date Picker for Xamarin, and see how to easily let users select a date in your apps. With the R2 2020 Release of Telerik UI for Xamarin we have extended our list of picker components with three new pickers: DatePicker, ...

Xamarin Tabview Control With More Customization

It explain how to achieve the customized tabbed view/page in xamarin forms by using Xam.Tabview plugin. Steps to implement the custom tabview in Xamarin Forms, Install the xam.tabview plugin in xamarin forms application.

Xamarin | The Perfect Option for Developing User-Centric Applications

Xamarin is best solution for mobile app development: Learn to know why it is best for your business solution.Everyone in this modern world owns smartphones because it offers more convenience to them. According to a Statista report, the number of people owning their own smartphone worldwide is estimated to surpass three billion and this number is expected to jump to several hundred million in the nearby future.

Watch the Xamarin Podcast: Inverter Converter and Xamarin.Forms 4.7 |

James and Matt will talk about multi-bindings and how using it in the right way will unleast the mysterious beast Inverter Converter.

Drawing UI with Xamarin.Forms Shapes and Paths

Introducing Xamarin.Forms 4.7 powerful new drawing controls for Shapes and Paths which helps you generate custom designs. Drawing UI with Xamarin.Forms Shapes and Paths. Xamarin.Forms 4.7 introduces drawing controls for Shapes and Paths. These are powerful new cross-platform controls that use the familiar control syntax from UWP and WPF. As well as use the native graphics libraries on each target platform.

Xamarin.Forms 4.7 - Shapes, Paths, and App Themes!

This week, James is joined by Jacob Kirsch, Program Manager for Xamarin, who walks us through the latest and greatest features that Xamarin.Forms 4.7 introduced. This includes the awesome new drawing

Xamarin Updates From Microsoft Build 2020

Microsoft Build 2020 is a FREE, 48-hour digital experience for everyone! With the Xamarin & .NET teams having some exciting announcements