Xcode is Apple's integrated development environment (IDE).

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How to Query Multiple APIs With ‘DispatchWorkItem’ and ‘DispatchGroup’

Building a simple search screen with ‘DispatchWorkItem’ and ‘DispatchGroup’ to make multiple async service calls to multiple sources

Implement the Key-Value Observation in Swift 5

Easily bind a model to a view

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When to Use Strong References Over Weak References in Swift

Let’s avoid overusing weak references

How to Make the Title Bar Transparent on macOS with Flutter

Hide Title Bar on macOS with Flutter - Learn how to make the title bar transparent on your Flutter application running on macOS.

Demystifying Struct, Class and Enum in Swift 5

They look similar, but are totally different

Build a Simple Progress Bar You Can Add Anywhere in Your App

Build a Simple Progress Bar You Can Add Anywhere in Your App - Add this progress bar to any screen in less than a minute

Environment Variables in Xcode

Creating custom variables & looking into some of the predefined ones in Xcode

UINavigation Controller and UINavigationBar in Swift

Different operations on the UINavigationController & UINavigationBar customization.

User Defaults in Swift

All iOS apps have a built in data dictionary that stores small amounts of user settings for as long as the app is installed. This system…

ContainerView in swift

Uses of containerview and callback function in swift.In iOS development, sometimes we need to show different view elements in a single place of a view controller. It can be done by managing different child view controller (AKA ContainerView) into a parent view controller depending upon different conditions.

iOS 14 will reportedly support on-device Xcode development

Apple’s developers look set to be able to use Xcode on iDevices following the release of iOS 14 later this year. Xcode has only ever been officially supported on Mac. XCode is present on iOS / iPad OS 14

iOS 14, XCode is reportedly included in OS update

Apple’s developers look set to be ready to use Xcode for gadgets following the discharge of iOS 14 later this year.

Animating thermometer using CoreAnimation

Build and animate thermometer using Core Animation - We will first start by creating a file ThermometerView which will be a subclass of UIView . All our code related to building and animating a thermometer will go in this file. This will be a reusable view which can be used in any iOS application....

iOS Navigation Controller Tutorial | Xcode 11.4 Swift 5.2

In today's beginner Swift tutorial we discuss the UINavigationController. We talk about what it is, how it works and build a basic version with some customization involving large titles and changing the font color. Doing this can ensure it fits in well with the style of your app.

Xcode Keyboard Shortcuts Help You Accelerate Work

In this post, we’ll walk through lots of Xcode keyboard shortcuts that I found useful. I hope they help you improve your efficiency as a developer too.

Configure Multi-Camera for Video Recording in iOS App

In this tutorial, we have explained how to configure a dual camera for video recording in an iPhone app. Let users use both cameras simultaneously.

Keeping your JavaScript code clean forever and scalable

Writing clean code and scalable is what you must know and do in order to call yourself a professional developer. Following these guidelines help to Keep your JavaScript code clean forever and scalable.

Using Radio Button in React

The way we use radio buttons in React is different from the way we usually do ... In this tutorial, we're going to make a simple.