Xcode is Apple's integrated development environment (IDE).

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Implement a Networking Layer Using Combine in Swift 5

A flexible solution to copy and paste into your new app. In this article, we will learn how to architect and create an efficient and easy to use networking layer by leveraging Combine publishers, Codable, CustomStringConvertible protocol, and a custom Endpoint struct.

Better Swift Testing With Dependency Injection

Improve your unit tests and increase maintainability

What Are .self, .Type, and .Protocol?

Understanding Swift metatypes ; Dynamic Metatypes vs .self Static Metatypes. So type(of) returns the metatype of an object, but what happens if I don't have an object? Xcode gives me a ...

Observe UserDefaults Using Combine in Swift 5

Using a simple extension and a built-in publisher. In this tutorial, we will learn how to easily observe UserDefaults using a Combine publisher. Without further ado, let's get started. Let's Start.

Basic Create StackView programmatically with Swift 5.2

Topic: Basic Create StackView programmatically with Swift 5.2 Subscribe Us: http://bit.ly/2UaSC5s Find us on: Discord: https://discord.gg/Ge2ppVf Facebook Pa...

Swift Package Manager

Publish your Swift package privately, or share it globally with other developers. By publishing your Swift packages to private Git repositories, you can manage and integrate internal dependencies across your projects, allowing you to reduce duplicate code and promote maintainability.

Running Your React Native App on a Physical iPhone

For one reason or the other, be it convenience (to continue using a workstation), financial or pure choice; you have decided to develop IOS apps on a non-mac machine.

SwiftUI 2.0 Custom Tab View Page Icons - iOS 14 Menu's - Xcode 12 - SwiftUI 2.0 Tutorials

In this Video i'm going to show how to create Custom Icon For Tab View Page Style And iOS 14 Menu's Using SwiftUI 2.0 | SwiftUI 2.0 Menu's | SwiftUI 2.0 iOS 14 Menu's | SwiftUI 2.0 Custom Tab View.

How to create a horizontal scroll view in SwiftUI

Topic: How to create a horizontal scroll view in SwiftUI Subscribe Us: http://bit.ly/2UaSC5s Hi everyone. In this video, I just want to show you all about Ho...

How to Building Lists and Navigation To Navigate between views with SwiftUI

Topic: How to Building Lists and Navigation To Navigate between views with SwiftUI Subscribe Us: http://bit.ly/2UaSC5s Navigation between views is one of the...

Advanced Lldb Tricks for Swift — Injecting and Changing Code on the Fly

While Xcode provides several visual abstractions for lldb commands like adding breakpoints by clicking the lines of code and running by clicking the play button, lldb provides several useful commands that are not present in Xcode’s UI.

Expandable Button in SwiftUI

Create an animated expandable button using SwiftUI Animated expandable button. Our buttons will simply need to be embedded in a VStack . Whenever the primary button is tapped, we will either show or hide the secondary buttons, signaled in the diagram below, depending on their current state.

5 Xcode Extensions You Must Have

Using the right Xcode extensions can make you more productive. While Xcode’s usability has kept improving over the years, it is still far from satisfying. Today, we will explore some great Xcode extensions that you can take advantage of. They can help make you more productive and efficient when working with iOS development in the Xcode environment.

Deploy HTTP Services Written in Swift to AWS in Seconds

With Apple’s new Swift AWS Lambda Runtime. Getting Started. Install Docker. Install the Serverless Framework. Configure the AWS Credentials. Write your code in Sources/Lambda/main.swift. Deploy by running ./Scripts/deploy.sh. Open the output URL in your browser:

Build Your First iOS Widget — Part 2

Widgets on iOS can support 3 different sizes: small, medium, and large. In part 1 of this tutorial, we only added support for small widgets. Now we will add a medium widget and a large widget as well.

Extract the debug or crash log from iPhone/iPad

Extract the debug or crash log from iPhone/iPad.For Real devices: 1.Open Settings app 2.Tap Privacy 3.Tap Analytics & Improvements 4.Tap Analytics Data

Hide and Show the Navigation Bar and Tab Bar in Swift

Using the open-source library HidingNavigationBar. First, import HidingNavigationBar to UIViewController . Second, declare a member variable of type HidingNavigationBarManager in your UIViewController subclass. That is everything you need to hide/unhide your navigation bar while scrolling!

SwiftUI Pencil Kit - SwiftUI Drawing App Using Pencil Kit - Xcode 12

In this Video i'm going to show how to create a Stylish Drawing App Using Pencil Kit Using SwiftUI | SwiftUI Drawing App | SwiftUI Pencil Kit | SwiftUI 2.0 T...

How to Create and Animate Checkboxes in SwiftUI

Build different animated checkboxes using Shapes and AnimatableData

Implement the Command Design Pattern in Swift 5

n this article, we will learn about the Command design pattern and implement it in an Xcode Playground. In short, the Command is a