Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a flexible, structured document format that defines human- and machine-readable encoding rules.

XML Defined Beans in Spring Boot

Learn about XML defined beans in Spring Boot. Before Spring 3.0, XML was the only way to define and configure beans. Spring 3.0 introduced JavaConfig, allowing us to configure beans using Java classes. However, XML configuration files are still used today.

How to convert between JSON and XML in IBM Integration Bus

Converting between message formats is one of the main features of an integration software. The need for this is because applications talk…

AJAX and JavaScript Tutorial with Examples

Ajax stands for “Asynchronous JavaScript + XML” (although JSON is mostly used today) and is a group of technologies designed to dynamically create web pages. By using AJAX we improve the quality of interactivity with the user, with the desire to resemble desktop applications as much as possible (according to the speed of interaction).

How to migrate WordPress to Scully

Finally there is an Angular option for JAMstack. In this article I'll tell you my path of migration WordPress blog to Scully. For quite a long time I was thinking about migrating my blog to JAMstack, ideally with a markdown support. I was looking for something like gatsbyjs or other alternatives. Most of them were fairly good, except the part that I would like to see my blog built with Angular in order to use all the nice features of the framework.

Stream XML file to PostgreSQL with NodeJS

I’ve been a Java developer for most of my career, but recently my interest in all the great capabilities of Node JS has grown. Because of it, I decided to implement, with Node JS + Typescript, the solution to one of the most recent problems that I had to deal with at my work. The problem was to extract data from a remote XML file, parse the information, and inserted it into Postgres.

XML Functionalities in Oracle

There is always an extensive demand for exchanging data between different sources without worrying about how the receiver will use it or how it will be displayed. XML does that thing for us. It’s a W3C(World Wide Web Consortium) initiative that allows information to be encoded in meaningful structure and rules that humans and machines can understand easily.

Combine XML And JSON Requests Format | ASP.NET Core Web API

XML and JSON data into Processing. Format XML and JSON ASP.NET Core Web API. One API Multiple Format return Web API. ----------------------------------------

Implement an RSS feed from JSON to XML in Gatsby.js

A step-by-step tutorial on how to implement an RSS feed from JSON by converting it to XML and creating a static page in Gatsby 🚀

XML Scraping done right!

Step by step approach to scrape any ‘XML’ file using Python. Data is the new oil — but it’s definitely not cheap. We have data flowing in from all directions; web, apps, social media, etc.

What is REST API? An Overview | Liquid Web

What is REST? The REST acronym is defined as a “REpresentational State Transfer” and is designed to take advantage of existing HTTP protocols when used

Insert Multiple Row In Database Using XML From A ASP.Net Project

Insert Multiple Row In Database Using XML From A ASP.Net Project Working With XML And Sql Server, Insert Data Using XMl In Sql Server

Adding Swagger to ASP.NET Core Web API using XML Documentation

Swagger and XML Comments make documenting your ASP.NET Core APIs a breeze! Or was it a cinch?... Either way, check it out!

RSSをパースして内部で利用するアプリを作るためにDart XMLパッケージを使ってみる

FlutterでXMLをパースする必要があったのでDart XMLというパッケージを試してみました。

Parsing XML with JavaScript

In this post, we discuss how to parse a string to XML and XML to string using the JavaScript

How to convert XML to HTML using Java libraries

In this tutorial, we'll describe how to convert XML to HTML using common Java libraries and template engines – JAXP, StAX, Freemarker, and Mustache

JSON vs XML: How Do They Compare?

In this article, we will outline what’s going on, and what you need to know about JSON and XML.

How to Convert a Java Object into a JSON String

In this article, you'll learn how to convert a Java Object into a JSON String

JSON Tutorial For Beginners | What is JSON | Learning JSON with JavaScript

JSON Tutorial For Beginners | What is JSON | Learning JSON with JavaScript

XML Serialisation using JAXB(In French)

A small example to serialize any java object into an XML file <span class="ql-emojiblot" data-name="sunglasses"><span contenteditable="false"><span class="ap ap-sunglasses">😎</span></span></span>.