While the popularity of Node.js is  increasing, PHP’s traction is going  down a tiny bit. With that context, this post is going to elaborate on 5 must-know practical aspects of using Node.js for PHP developers. These will be things usually no-one talks or writes about, time to get going.

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Node.js for PHP developers (not Node.js vs PHP)

This piece is a list of things you as a PHP developer must know and learn to use Node.js effectively. On the contrary, this post is not a Node.js vs PHP write up where PHP is bashed.

I have used both languages. I started to write a lot of Node.js applications back in 2016.

When I started I faced some difficulties as I was used to PHP at work for more than 7 years prior to that. There was a book released towards 2012 end covering  Node.js for PHP developers.

This blog post is not going to talk about what PHP or Node.js is, you can read about it in other posts. I will also not elaborate much about the Non-Blocking I/O or the event loop. Still, some of it will be brushed through when discussing the practical aspects of writing good Node.js code.

Node.js for PHP developers the practical side

PHP has been alive since 1995 and reportedly is still used by 79.1 % of the websites monitored by W3tech (I can’t really say if it the whole internet). So chances are very high that you have used PHP or deployed something written in PHP. For instance with a growing trend:

WordPress is used by 63.7% of all the websites whose content management system we know. This is 39.0% of all websites monitored by W3Tech.

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Node.js for PHP Developers: 5 Must-know Pragmatic Aspects with Code Examples
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