AI is undeniable, a booming sector, and a career option at the same time that promises unparalleled growth in the times to come. And, that’s the reason for people breaking into the said sector while coming from diverse educational and professional backgrounds. What recruiters seek in a candidate is creative thinking, an innovative bent of mind, and technical prowess in AI & ML specific coding.

As per Payscale, the average annual pay of ML/AI professionals vary amid $100k and $134k in entry-level roles. Basis the number of years of work experience, one can earn much more than what’s mentioned above.

Professional and industry-relevant AI Certifications are a good option to increase your chances of bagging an entry-level job in the said sector. Companies that have recently adopted AI in their operations are desperately looking for skilled AI professionals who would fit the bill, and that’s why the observed surge off late in the AI-specific job openings across the global job markets.

Who is an AI Developer?

These are trained professionals who are adept at infusing AI functionality into diverse kinds of software apps pertaining to varied industries. The role primarily involves integrating AI algorithms into software applications that belong to a specific IIT project.

In general, a full-stack AI professional would create, test, and deploy code. He would help convert Machine Learning APIs so that they could be used by other software apps.

Skill Requisites for an AI Developer

An efficient AI developer would be a great coder, that’s for sure. Added to that, he will have a fundamental knowledge of common programming languages such as Python, R, and Java. A good grasp of soft skills is a must, which would involve problem-solving, logical reasoning capabilities, and an ability to effectively work as a team.

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