Debian 10 Linux Beginners Basics is a Tutorial on How to Install and Run Windows Programs, Change Desktops, Install Codecs, and Assign Sudoers in Debian 10 Buster after you've installed it. Most beginner users coming from Windows will apply these after installing Debian 10 Linux so they have a more familiar and Beginner Friendly experience. This Debian 10 Basics video is intended for Beginner Users starting with Debian 10.

Debian is great and many other distributions are based off of it. Debian is totally free and the community focuses on stability making it one of the most reliable linux distributions out there. Debian is also tailored for intermediate to advanced users and is great for using as a server or firewall setup. Debian mainly covers the middle ground where the barriers of entry are large enough that some newer users will steer away from this distribution, but the vast documentation and helpful community should be a reason that newer users decide to go with Debian. It's great for learning and expanding your knowledge about operating systems.


How to Install and Use Debian 10 Linux for Beginner
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