Top 8 Flutter Notification Widgets Package

Flutter toast

Flutter Example, To show toast message in flutter.Flutter application to show Android’s Toast Message.

"Flutter toast"

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Flutter Styled Toast

A Styled Toast Flutter package. You can highly customize toast ever. Beautify toast with a series of animations and make toast more beautiful.

"Flutter Styled Toast"

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Flutter Flash

A highly customizable, powerful and easy-to-use alerting library for Flutter.

"Flutter Flash"

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Flutter Bot Toast

A really easy to use flutter toast library

"Flutter Bot Toast"

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Flutter Flushbar

Use this package if you need more customization when notifying your user. For Android developers, it is made to substitute toasts and snackbars. IOS developers, I don’t know what you use there, but you will like it.

"Flutter Flushbar"

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Flutter Pull To Refresh Notification

Flutter plugin for building pull to refresh effects with PullToRefreshNotification and PullToRefreshContainer quickly.

"Flutter Pull To Refresh Notification"

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Flutter Overlay Support

provider support for overlay, easy to build toast and internal notification.

this library support platform Android、iOS 、Linux、macOS、Windows and Web

"Flutter Overlay Support"

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Flutter Candies

A new Flutter project.

"Flutter Candies"

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Top 8 Flutter Notification Widgets Package
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