JavaScript’s reducer is one of the most useful array methods in a developer’s arsenal. Introduced in ES5, it’s somewhat similar to the for…each and map methods that are used with arrays but improves on their performance and simplicity in specific situations.

The reduce method executes a callback function that we provide on each element stored in an array and outputs the final value the operation generates. It’s a cleaner way of iterating over and processing the data stored in an array.

Currently, it’s supported by all of the major browser versions and is available in Node.js from version 10.0 upwards.

Today, we are going to explore the reduce method. We’ll go through how and when you should use reducer in different scenarios.

Let’s get started then!

  • JavaScript reduce Method Parameters
  • When To Use Reducer
  • Using reduce() in Place of filter().map()
  • Building Your Own Reducer

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Reducer in JavaScript: A Simple yet Powerful Array Method
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