Why does one of them seem so familiar?

From the moment I started learning React, I completely fell in love with it.

I can create beautiful UIs just with JavaScript? Suddenly, I had the power of JavaScript inside HTML and CSS?

I absolutely loved it. Amazing.

I used the tool for years, but I couldn’t help myself from observing the Vue.js hype. Apparently, every developer that uses it loves it so much!

How’s that possible? I love React, but sometimes it makes me frustrated; why is there much less frustration in the Vue.js world?

I’ve started Vue on a commercial project a few months ago and completely moved from React.

I was a bit sad when I found out that I had moved from my beloved tool.

But those frameworks are just tools; we should never make strict career decisions based on them.

It’s the front-End world — all the tools will vanish soon; new ones will come quickly.

Now, after tons of experience in frontend development and frameworks like Vue.js, React, and Ember.js — let me explain why I find Vue.js the best.

One Really Simple App

We’re building a super simple app in both React and Vue.js today. It looks something like this:

Our really complex app

Let’s dive into the code here. React, you come first. This is a project created with create-react-app; I slightly modified App.js here.

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Vue.js Vs. React — Not Your Usual Comparison
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