Data analytics is only for IT people, right? Wrong!!

Recently I was working for a CFO of a drinks company who couldn’t master anything to do with data or Excel. Problem was, all of his figures were produced in Excel by his staff (who didn’t speak English- or at least pretended not to). Obviously, everyone was cheating. But he had to sign off the accounts, or face fines… but if he signed off the wrong accounts, he could face – prison?

But you might be thinking that you cannot possibly get into data analytics now because you don’t have time. I get you. I’ve been living in Vietnam for five years and, although, it would be much better experience if I spoke Vietnamese, I don’t. So, what do you do? Well, you get dashboards. Ok, ok, but consulting companies are always trying to sell you dashboards for lots of money, and since you don’t know much about data analytics, you aren’t sure who is ripping you off more.

So, a little time spent understanding the basics can help you to choose the right vendors, understand the solutions that are necessary and be aware of the risks that you are facing every day.

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Data Analytics for Dummies
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