PHP (Hypertext Pre-processor) is a popular server-side scripting language mainly used for developing websites and web applications. It can be used to build either static or dynamic websites. It is very simple and easy to learn. So, today we will be checking out the 11 most frequently asked questions about PHP.

11 Most Asked Questions About PHP

1. How to prevent SQL injection in PHP?

2. How to check if a string contains a specific word?

3. Why not to use mysql_* functions in PHP?

4. How to delete an element from an array in PHP?

5. Is there any way to use PHP and cURL to get the associated thumbnail from the YouTube API?

6. When to use self over $this?

7. How to get PHP errors to display?

8. How to write two functions that would take a string and return if it starts with the specified character/string or ends with it?

9. How to make a redirect in PHP?

10. How do you use bcrypt for hashing passwords in PHP?

11. How to use PHP to get the current year?

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