React Component for Easily Use Google Places Autocomplete

React Google Places Autocomplete

React component for easily use Google Places Autocomplete

Getting started

Install the latest version:

npm install --save react-google-places-autocomplete
yarn add react-google-places-autocomplete

Use the component!

import React from 'react';
import GooglePlacesAutocomplete from 'react-google-places-autocomplete';

const Component = () => (

export default Component;

Coming from v2? Check the migration guide


Read The Docs

How to contribute?

  1. Fork this repo

  2. Clone your fork

  3. Code 🤓

  4. Test your changes

    For this, I like to use yalc, as it allows to emulate the process of using npm/yarn.

    1. Install yalc
    2. Build project with yarn build or npm run build
    3. Publish the package with yalc: yalc publish
    4. Add the package to your test project yalc add react-google-places-automocomplete
    5. If needed, to update the package on your test project: yalc update react-google-places-autocomplete
  5. Submit a PR!

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React Component for Easily Use Google Places Autocomplete
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