PHP Applications with Ease: Production-Ready Docker Images

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PHP Docker Images is an optimized set of Docker Images for running PHP applications in production. Everything is designed around improving the developer experience with PHP and Docker. Gone are the days of configuring each environment differently, and gone are the days of trying to figure out why your code works in one environment and not the other.

These images are highly optimized to run modern PHP applications, no matter where you want your application to run.

Experience the true difference of using these images vs the other options out there.

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Production-ReadyNative Health ChecksHigh Performance
Customizable and FlexibleBuilt on Ubuntu 22.04Built with Ondrej PHP
NGINX + PHP-FPMUnified LoggingBuilt with S6 Overlay


This repository creates a number of Docker image variations, allowing you to choose exactly what you need.

Simply use this image name pattern in any of your projects:


For example... If I wanted to run PHP 8.2 with FPM + NGINX, I would use this image:

⚙️ Variation🚀 Version

Real-life working example

You can see a bigger picture on how these images are used from Development to Production by viewing this video that shows a high level overview how we deploy "ROAST" which is a demo production app for our book.

Click the image below to view the video:

Laravel + NuxtJS From Dev to production


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PHP Applications with Ease: Production-Ready Docker Images
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