In this guide on how to make a chatbot, we will be learning how to make a chatbot using Kompose bot builder. You will learn:

  • Why are chatbots important? More so in 2020
  • How to create welcome messages and intents
  • How to use rich media such as buttons, lists, and card carousels
  • Triggering chatbot to human hand-off
  • How to make multilingual chatbots

Why Do You Need a Chatbot?

With the increasing digital-savvy customers and businesses across the world. There’s a need for the chatbot to drive customer communication, enhance customer loyalty, and improve business growth. Also, chatbots automate and reduce the number of tickets/conversations received on the customer support helpdesk and the workload on humans.

How to Make a Chatbot

Conventionally the chatbot can be built with chatbot building platforms such as Dialogflow and AWS Lex. These platforms provide natural and rich conversational experiences. But it really needs a good understanding and knowledge of the building platforms to create a good chatbot.

We have guides for you to look into if you want to explore the platforms mentioned above:

On the other hand, Kommunicate’s bot builder - Kompose is a solution to all the people - a techie, non-techie, or a person who doesn’t have any idea about chatbots. Anyone can create a chatbot with the Kompose without any assistance.

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How to Make an AI Chatbot Without Coding and Deploy
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