Nowadays, it’s common to see recommender systems appear in our daily lives like online shopping, reading articles, and watching movies. People can see recommended items based on their interest from the recommender system. Many recommender systems use collaborative filtering methods with techniques showing that people who share similar preferences in the past tend to have similar choices in the future. The challenge is that few users leave comments on items. The article focuses on Deep Cooperative Neural Networks (DeepCoNN), taking reviews from users and items for the rating prediction problems.

In this article, you will learn the singular value decomposition and truncated SVD of the recommender system:

(1) Model Architecture

(2) Word Representation

(3) CNN Layers

(4) The Shared Layer

(5) Network Training

(6) Analysis on DeepCoNN

(7) Baseline Model

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Joint Deep Modeling of Users and Items Using Reviews for Recommendation
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