Vuetify is a Material Design component framework for Vue.js. It provides a lot of features, including the ability to problematically change theme colors in your application. Enabling users to change themes is a good customization feature that gives their app a more personalized feel.

In this article, we will create a Vuetify web application that can dynamically change between themes at runtime and also switch between dark and light modes.

To start, we will create a new Vue.js application. We can do this through the Vue CLI on the terminal:

vue create dynamic-theme

Once that is done, we add Vuetify to our newly created app by changing our current directory to our app folder and running the following command:

vue add vuetify

Now we can run our application on development mode:

yarn serve

Open the application folder with the IDE of your choice and create a new Vue component in the src/components folder named ThemeChangerMenu.vue. This component will just be a standard Vuetify menu that will hold our theme choices and the dark mode switch. All the theme-changing logic will also be contained in this component.

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Change an Application’s Theme Dynamically in Vuetify.js
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