29 Questions Regarding Angular Router Concepts

I always used to prefer something like a newspaper which give enough information in a shorter span of time. Here, I create tips for day to day Frontend development.

You might be doing angular development for a long time but sometimes you might be not updated with the newest features which can solve your issues without doing or writing some extra codes. This can cover some frequently asked Angular topics in interviews.

Here I am coming with a common Angular Router Concept which is really helpful to understand the basics of Angular Routing. These tips can be helpful while working with the Angular Routing. Apart from that these concepts and tips can be helpful to prepare you for the upcoming interviews with Angular Routing Related questions.

1. How to pass data between components using the route parameters?

2. How to show loader when routing changes?

3. How to check if route changes?

4. How to get previous and current URLs?

5. How to route to an external URL?

6. How to get query parameters from the URL?

7. How to apply a guard before accessing the route?

8. How to warn users of unsaved changes on refresh, back, or closed window action?

9. How to disable the URL changes in Angular?

10. How to navigate different routes?

11. If we hit the address bar again how we can avoid reloading the URL?

12. How to update queryParams without changing route?

13. How to navigate to the new tab using an Angular router?

14. What is the router outlet?

15. How to add a route for child components with the same module?

16. How to open Component in a new tab in Angular?

17. What is path match: “full” in Angular?

18. How to get the base URL in Angular?

19. How to route to the new component with Parameters in Angular?

20. Difference between Angular’s canLoad and canActivate?

21. How to change page title with routing in Angular application?

22. How to scroll to the top of the page on every router page?

23. How to redirect to the error page or home page if the path not matched in Angular?

24. How to reload route based on the param change in angular?

25. How to redirect to the component’s div element using a router?

26. How to disable the back button after logout in Angular?

27. How to use arrays in routes with Angular?

28. How to add multiple path for the same component?

29.How to route to another component without change the path?

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29 Angular Interview Questions To Prepare For
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