Enable bidirectional support in tailwindcss framework




Internationalization in semitic languages needs more than just translating texts, you would also need to mirror the layout horizontally. This can be done by adding dir="rtl" the the layout body tag, but this is propably not be enough and you will need to create a different style for RTL.

With tailwindcss-rtl plugin you will be able to support both RTL and LTR in the same style.

Live demo

Full live demo based on the official tailwindcss course project is available here:

Workcation live demo



Replace all utilities based on Right/Left with the new utilities specified below.

for example when you create an LTR layout and you would like to add left padding to an element you would normaly use pl-6, left is the start direction in LTR so you will replace it with ps-6.

Now add dir="rtl" or dir="ltr" attribute to your top level layout element:

<body dir="rtl">

Note: for all utilities to work as expected adding the dir attribute (both "rtl"/"ltr") to a top level tag is mandatory), even when "ltr" is assumed to be default.


Install tailwindcss-rtl package:

# Yarn
yarn add tailwindcss-rtl --dev

npm install tailwindcss-rtl --save-dev

Require tailwindcss-rtl in the project tailwind.config.js file:

plugins: [


*tailwindcss-rtl adds the start and end notations as substitue for left and right.

ps-[X]padding on start direction
pe-[X]padding on end direction
ms-[X]margin on start direction
me-[X]margin on end direction
text-starttext aligned at the start direction
text-endtext aligned at the end direction
float-startfloat to start direction
float-endfloat to end direction
start-[X]placement of positioned elements on start
end-[X]placement of positioned elements on end
clear-startclear to start direction
clear-endclear to end direction
rounded-s-[X]rounded borders on start direction
rounded-e-[X]rounded borders on end direction
rounded-ts-[X]rounded borders on top start direction
rounded-te-[X]rounded borders on top end direction
rounded-bs-[X]rounded borders on bottom start direction
rounded-be-[X]rounded borders on bottom end direction
border-s-[X]border width on start direction
border-e-[X]bordern width on end direction
space-s-[X]space between child
divide-s-[X]border width between child elements

Download details:

Author: 20lives
Source: https://github.com/20lives/tailwindcss-rtl

License:  MIT license


Enable bidirectional support in tailwindcss framework
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