Learn how to filter, paginate and sort using React JS. We will compare Frontend and Backend API Filtering with two different API Endpoints. One will be a simple endpoint where you return all the data and we will filter everything in the frontend, the other will be an endpoint where we will apply custom Pagination, Search & Sorting.

00:00​ Preview
01:34​ Prebuilt Backend
03:02​ Setup
06:35​ Components & Routes
10:27​ Loading Products
16:18​ Backend Searching
24:50​ Frontend Searching
29:32​ Backend Sorting
33:20​ Frontend Sorting
36:47​ Backend Lazy Loading
42:04​ Frontend Lazy Loading
43:59​ Hiding Load More Button

Search API: https://github.com/scalablescripts/se…

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VueJS Lazy Loading, Search & Sorting
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