useMemo Explained | React Hooks useMemo Tutorial

useMemo explained with several easy-to-follow examples. This React Hooks useMemo tutorial will show you why and how to apply the useMemo React hook to improve your React app performance and gain referential equality.

(00:00) Intro
(00:08) Welcome and Overview
(00:33) Identifying the need for useMemo
(02:10) useMemo for performance optimization
(02:59) useMemo for referential equality
(04:00) useMemo vs useCallback Part 1
(04:17) Primitive values in a hook dependency array
(06:12) Eliminate the performance lag with useMemo
(07:48) useMemo vs useCallback Part 2
(09:47) Achieving referential equality for an array with useMemo

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React Hooks Tutorial for Beginners: useMemo Explained
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