While in the past, Diamanti sought to tailor its software to help its x86 and hardware customers with their software stacks, Diamanti today continues to widen the features it offers for simplifying the management of often disparate multitenant and multicloud cloud native environments and for stateful applications.

“This particular release really signifies a transition that the company is making from our heritage in the past when we were mostly focused on the hardware [compatibility] with our software stack,” Diamanti vice president marketing  Jenny Fong told The New Stack. “This release and with the developments we’ve made in 2020 reflect how we’re really transitioning to software-focused features.”

Among the new multicloud management features Diamanti Spektra 3.0 offers, the ability to manage attached clusters ranks high on the list, Fong said.

“Because we’re leveraging from the APIs that are available, we can also attach existing clusters to the management plane,” Fong said.

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Diamanti’s Spektra 3.0 Offers Multitenant Kubernetes Management
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