Recoil.js is an extremely nascent state management library for React, open-sourced by Facebook. Though in its infancy, it seems promising for simplifying global state management for React developers. It offers all the features that existing state management libraries do, in, I think, a much better way. It also is compatible with several other features.
This article will help you understand why we need a global state management system in the first place, and why it should be Recoil. After answering these questions, we’ll move on to a short tutorial to see Recoil in action. And no, this isn’t yet another tutorial you can find on the internet where they show you how to update a counter value and increment and decrement it. Instead, we’ll create a simple application to illustrate things that are actually used in real world applications, like fetching data from the server.

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Recoil.js – The New, Better State Management Library for React
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