In this article, let’s learn about Hangfire in ASP.NET Core 3.1 and how to integrate it with your Core Applications. A common programming task that we face regularly is running jobs in the background. And running these jobs properly without messing up your code is not an easy task but it isn’t hard either. I used to work with Windows services for scheduling various tasks within my C# application. Then, I come across this close-to awesome library – Hangfire, and I never left.
Background Jobs in ASP.NET Core
Essentially, Background jobs are those methods or functions that may take up a lot of time to execute (unknown amount of time). These jobs if run in the main thread of our application, may / may not block the user interaction and may seem as if our .NET Core Application has hanged and is not responding. This is quite critical for client-facing applications. Hence, we have background jobs, similar to multithreading , these jobs run in another thread, making our application seem quite asynchronous.

We should also have the possibility to schedule them in the near future so that it is completely automated. A developer’s life would be so tough without these awesome possibilities. core #background jobs #hangfire

Hangfire in ASP.NET Core 3.1 - Background Jobs Made Easy
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