In this guide, we will be developing an application in Flutter using the **_tflite _**package and a pre-trained SSD-MobileNet model, capable of detecting objects in images and real-time camera stream. This application is capable of detecting objects offline. We will also be able to take pictures from within the app and feed it to the model for detection.

Setting up the project

Setup Flutter on your machine if you haven’t already. This guide in the Flutter website is a great place to start. After setting up Flutter, create a new project by typing the following in your terminal.

$ flutter create object_detection
$ cd object_detection

You can now open your project in your favorite editor.

Installing packages

In your _pubspec.yaml _file, under the _dependencies _section add the following to install the required packages.

image_picker: ^0.6.7
tflite: ^1.1.1
camera: ^0.5.8+7

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Detecting Objects in Flutter
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