How can you easily debug a Kubernetes application? In this episode of Kubernetes Essentials, we show how you can use the kubectl command line tool to identify and resolve bugs within your application. Watch to learn how you can use this tool to easily debug and gain greater observability over your Kubernetes application!


  • 0:00 - Intro
  • 0:49 - kubectl command line tool
  • 1:05 - Use cases for the different kubectl commands
  • 1:13 - Pod status meaning
  • 2:10 - How to debug a broken application
  • 2:36 - Summary
  • 2:54 - Closing remarks

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product: Kubernetes, Google Cloud; fullname: Carter Morgan, Kaslin Fields;

Disclaimer: This is a Google Cloud series and is not affiliated with the Linux Foundation.

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How to Debug a Kubernetes Application
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