Let’s take a look at how to write API tests for the HTTP GET method when doing API Automation using JavaScript.

You can find the code for this video on GitHub - https://github.com/automationbro/JavaScript-API-Automation-Tests

🔗Video Resources:
Write your first API test - https://youtu.be/TTyl1psI4DE
API Testing Site - https://gorest.co.in/

This video is part of my tutorial series - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSVw3TyZur4&list=PL6AdzyjjD5HDR2kNRU2dA1C8ydXRAaaBV&ab_channel=AutomationBro


0:00 - Working with HTTP GET method
00:33 - Getting data for the individual user - users/:id
1:35 - Alternative way to handle async calls
3:20 - Write GET users/:id test
4:55 - Working with query params
7:23 - Write a test for query params
11:00 - Review

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API Tests for HTTP GET method - JavaScript API Automation
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