Using Flutter, learn how to make a splash page with an opening animation for your apps to create a lasting first impression.

When it comes to creating applications, aesthetics, font choice, and the overall look and feel of an app drives whether a user sees it as high-quality or not.

Opening animations can also give a great first impression by setting the scene for an app. Popular in many current apps, a short, sharp opening animation can draw users in, sometimes without even noticing.

While there is already an official process for creating animations in Flutter to introduce a dynamic opening splash screen for apps, the official process does have some downsides to consider:

  • When creating for iOS, you must create an iOS Storyboard to animate the application opening
  • When creating for Android, you must write platform-specific code for Android
  • There’s no support for web development yet

Fortunately for us, Flutter has a robust set of animation options, so we can create a fairly compelling opening animation with code we can re-use across multiple platforms and is web-supported.

To demonstrate this, we’ll create a dynamic opening screen for a food-ordering app called “Chowtime.” When a user opens the app, the first thing they see is the native Flutter opener, which looks like this:

The Final Chowtime App Interface GIF Showing Opening Animation Of Chowtime Logo With Fruit Bowl Animation And Landing Page With Food Options

You can also see the demo in your browser. So, let’s get started!


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