Vue.js Automatic Page Redirect

There are the Following The simple About Vue.JS Automatically Page Redirection Full Information With Example and source code.

As I will cover this Post with live Working example to develop vue router redirect with params, so the vue router redirect to child for this example is following below.

VueJS: Automatically Redirect on Page Load

function checkSignIn(){
//do something, fetch signin status from server whatsoever

return status; //boolean

function redirect(){
const url ="?link=")[1];
const externalurl = '';
//fetch url, parse, etc etc

//check signin status
window.location.href = externalurl;
else {
window.location.href = 'signin.html';

window.onload = function(){

Using Vuejs

<p>Good Luck, Redirecting...</p>

export default {
mounted () {
const member = this.$store.state.auth.member
if (member !== null) {
if (this.$ {
window.location.href = this.$
} else {
window.location.href = '' // Some here put yourr default link
} else {
window.location.href = '' // signIn page

Vue.js redirection to another page


I hope you get an idea about Vue.JS Automatically Page Redirection.

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Vue.js Automatic Page Redirect
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