Flutter and react native 2 Popular cross platform framework that are usually talked about. In this video, I will share 3 difference between them. Flutter uses the skia engine to paint most of its user interface, which compiles natively. While react native uses existing native components from ios and android to build the building blocks of a native app.

Flutter uses the dart programming language, While react native, javascript is its programming language.

For flutter 2021 roadmap, it aims to resolve the jank issue in ios, improved webview and have tree widgets support which supports large numbers of columns and row widget.

For react native, it introduces which reduces an app’s size by moving optional components/features to separate repositories (to add to an app as/when needed), turbo modules, to improved handling of native modules and a re-architected UI layer.

Therefore, which framework will you choose?

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Flutter vs React Native - 3 Differences
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