Nearly every tutorial I see on the internet assumes the reader has an external monitor. Yeah, the installation will be a piece of cake in case you have an external monitor. But the price of an external monitor is more or less the same as Raspberry Pi (raspi). In many cases, the project we want to build with raspi doesn’t need an external monitor, and in many cases, I just use SSH to control my raspi. It such a waste to buy a monitor just for the installation.
The installation and control over raspi without a monitor is called headless. There is an installation software called New Out Of the Box Software (NOOBS) provide officially by raspi itself. NOOBS provides several OS to install it in our raspi but the official OS of raspi is Raspbian. This story will guide you on how to install Raspbian using NOOBS and make it ready to remote it with SSH. In this case, I am using a WI-FI network to remote into the raspi.

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Headless Installation of Raspberry Pi Using NOOBS with SSH
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