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The real Douban client, 90% restore Douban. Home page, book video, group, market, and personal center, one does not pull. The project is continuously updated…

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Use Flutter to develop a Douban App

  • In this project, 90% of a certain flap of APP is restored, and all UIs are implemented according to a certain flap.
  • The data in the project comes from real and valid data from Douban api
  • Almost all Flutter widgets are used in the project
  • There are also two relatively large custom magic modified source code to achieve special effects
  • Projects that are also being maintained on New Year’s Day

All data in the APP are real data. But by default, analog data is used for the data of “Book Video Single Movie Tab”. Because the app is frequently opened and closed, this interface will be called frequently. The interface has a call limit. If the number of times is too frequent, the IP will be locked. If you want to see the real data, you can enter “My”, then turn on the “Book video data from the network” switch, and restart the APP.

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demo1 demo1 demo1
demo1 demo1 demo1
demo1 demo1 demo1


You can make a design draft based on Douban UI and submit code to this branch

  • This branch is for Flutter developers to learn Flutter
  • This branch covers the basic and combined use of 90% of Flutter components , and is a good choice for beginners to practice.
  • In this bean sprouts APP home page implementation and the UI special effects of the movie details, based on the magic change Flutter source code. You can take a look if you are interested
  • If you want to combat your own Flutter capabilities, you can use a certain APP as a design draft, complete the requirements, and submit
  • I will comment on the code submitted by each developer
note! ! ! It is recommended to use mock data (mock_request.dart)
  • Each interface has certain call restrictions
  • _When you pull the code under test and debug, it returns specific data for a specific interface. Try not to make a request every time. After real data is requested once, it can be converted to json and saved locally. Then, when you debug and develop yourself, you can use this simulation data. _[Refer to mock_request.dart]

Future version plan (Flutter fans are welcome to come and claim it)

Flutter fans are welcome to do it together

When it comes to UI, please refer to Douban.

Moshin TASK

  • Complete any unimplemented button
  • Complete any unrealized page
  • Optimize the original Widget
  • Needs that enthusiasts wanted to achieve but failed to achieve
  • More …

Advanced TASK

Veteran TASK

For children’s shoes who change the source code or like to turn the source code, you can look at the following two

  • Magic change Flutter AppBar source code to achieve special effects on Douban head
  • Magic change Flutter AppBar source code to achieve special effects on Douban head
  • Modify the source code to realize the special effects of the movie details drawer (If the GIF picture can’t be loaded, brush it several times)
  • Drawer effects 1
  • Drawer effects 2
  • Drawer effects 3

Page introduction

  • Homepages/home
  • homo_app_bar.dart Home navigation header
  • home_page.dart Home
  • my_home_tab_bar.dart 首页tab
  • Pages/movie
  • book_audio_video_page.dart book video page
  • detail_page.dart video, TV detail page
  • person_detail_page.dart actor page introduction
  • … the page has comments
  • Group pages/group
  • Market shop_page.dart
  • The market data uses two webviews
  • My page/person

update record

  • dev-0.1
  • Magic change the source code to realize the movie details drawer special effects
  • Magic change Flutter AppBar source code to achieve special effects on Douban head
  • Optimize page logic
  • Optimize loading speed
  • master
  • Basic network request framework, UI framework
  • “The most complicated movie TAB page”, the movie details page, and the group page have been filled in (the UI is the same as that of Douban, and the data uses the hot list)
  • Swipe up and down the page
  • Page up and down + left and right sliding
  • Data loading
  • Tab page sliding
  • As a basic version, some logic is not perfect and there are some bugs.

Default treaty

This project is only for everyone’s communication and cannot be used for any commercial or profit activities. The resulting responsibility has nothing to do with me. Thank you!

Download Details:

Author: kaina404

Source Code: https://github.com/kaina404/FlutterDouBan

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Flutter Douban client, Awesome Flutter Project
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