Search with autocomplete is a standard feature in most apps. It is used for searching through a catalog of resources such as products, services, airports, hotels, cars, posts, etc. This capability does not come built-in with Google Firestore DB. Firestore DB doesn’t support keystroke search or native indexing for text fields in documents. Furthermore, loading an entire collection on the client or a cloud function just to search on certain fields is not prudent. It can cause performance degradation as well as increase the overall cost via expensive queries since Firestore’s pricing model is based on a per-document read model.

Firebase recommends using a third-party service like Algolia or Elasticsearch to enable full text search or keystroke search for Firestore data. Integration with Algolia requires configuring the Algolia client with your App ID and API key. Alogia is also a paid service with very limited options in the free plan. If you don’t want to go through the overhead of setting up and paying for Algolia or Elasticsearch, a simple workaround for keystroke/typeahead search can be implemented on Cloud Firestore using searchable data structures and some special data querying methods.

Before we get into it, this article assumes you have a basic understanding of working with React apps and have some experience working with Google Firebase and Firestore DB. If not, I strongly encourage doing some tutorials on how to build React apps as well as dipping your feet in Google Firebase and Firestore. Onwards to the article then.

Now, let’s suppose we want to implement a Country autocomplete search component as shown below.


React Autosuggest Search With Google Firestore
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