Apache Spark is a cluster computing platform intended to be fast and general-purpose. In other words, it is an open-source, extensive range data processing engine. It provides a lot of functionality –

High-level APIs in Java, Scala, Python, and R.
The very simplified, challenging, and the computationally intensive task of high processing volumes of real-time or archived data.
Fast programming up to 100x faster than Apache Hadoop MapReduce in memory.
Building data applications as a library and also to perform ad-hoc data analysis interactively.
Increase in processing speed of a claim.
In-memory cluster computation capability.
Apache Spark is a compelling open-source processing engine developed around agility, ease of use, and advanced analytics. Apache Spark is most famous for running the Iterative Machine Learning Algorithm.

With Spark following tasks can be performed –

Batch processing
Stream processing
Apache Spark’s Components
Spark’s MLlib for machine learning
GraphX for graph analysis
Spark Streaming for stream processing
Spark SQL for structured data processing

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