The greatest long-term result of a data breach is the loss of consumer trust which will directly affect sales and destroy the retailers’ credibility. To mitigate this risk of being harmed, E-commerce security is mandatory step individuals and businesses must take. E-commerce security is a bunch of protocols that ensure safe transactions through the web.

5 Ways E-Commerce Websites can keep their Online Stores safe using Identity Management

  • Renew SSL certificates & ensure complete PCI compliance.

  • Encourage your buyers to go passwordless while getting to their accounts

  • Noticeably show payment trust signs and logos on your payment pages.

  • Confirm the card and address details to diminish the risk of fraudulent transactions

  • A protected login form structure to prevent credential attacks

By executing multifactor authentication (MFA), retailers would have the option to ensure that digital consumers can be verified.

The LoginRadius identity solution gives a centralized, accessible, and secure identification and management of customers’ data or information to retailers.

Discover here how to enhance e-commerce security with CIAM solution:

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Top 5 Ways to Enhance Data Protection During the Shopping Season
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