Codespaces, the most recent integration between Visual Studio Code and GitHub, can help make development accessible and welcoming!

Now in beta, GitHub Codespaces provide an online, in-the-browser IDE powered by Visual Studio Code. This lets you use this full-featured IDE — complete with extensions, terminal, Git commands, and all the settings you’re accustomed to — on any machine. You can now bring your development workflow anywhere using a tablet or other browser-based device.

This is great news for open-source contributors too. Adding a codespace configuration to your project is a great way to invite new folks to easily start contributing.

A new open-source contributor or new hire at your organization can quickly fire up a codespace and get hacking on a good first issue with no local environment set up or installations necessary!

Starting a new codespace

We’ve added codespace configuration settings over at the OWASP Web Security Testing Guide (WSTG). Want to take it for a spin? See our open issues.

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How GitHub Codespaces Increase Productivity and Lower Barriers
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