Linear programming (LP), also known as linear optimization, is a mathematical technique used to find the optimal solution (maximum or minimum) for a problem represented by a linear model.

A visual-heavy introduction to Linear Programming including basic definitions, solution via the Simplex method, the principle of duality and Integer Linear Programming. 

0:00 - Introduction
0:26 - Basics
3:44 - Simplex Method
11:47 - Duality
14:01 - Integer Linear Programming
17:31 - Conclusion

Software used:
► Manim (animation software):
► Kdenlive (video cutting):
► ffmpeg (audio/video processing):
► OBS (audio/video recording):
► arecord (audio recording):
► sox (audio processing):
► Inkscape (vector image editing):
► Midjourney (image generation):

More problems: 

Made as my entry to SoME3: 

Source code: 



Linear Programming | Explained Visually of Linear Programming
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