This post is part of a series on running Kubernetes clusters on a Devstack cloud. It discusses the setup of the cloud.

The goal is creating Kubernetes clusters on a single-node Devstack server. This document covers the server itself, deploying Devstack and a few post-deployment configuration steps.

Table of contents

  1. The Devstack server
  2. Preparing the Devstack server and deploying the cloud
  3. Configuring your cloud
  4. If you need to reboot the Devstack server
  5. Optionally: Test if load balancing works

The Devstack server

Install the server version of Ubuntu 18.04 on a computer with these properties:

  • RAM about 15GB for comfortable operation. 12GB may be sufficient. This is required to run at least two Kubernetes nodes (4GB each) and a 1GB loadbalancer instance in addition to the cloud overhead.
  • Storage around 50GB
  • A few CPUs (minimum 2, the more the better)
  • A single NIC that can reach the internet and that can be reached from outside

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Kubernetes on Devstack part 1: Deploying the Devstack cloud
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