Swiggy clone app to merge with Scootsy, a premium food delivery

The well-known food delivery platform Swiggy has integrated Scootsy, and its restaurant partners in Mumbai to deliver premium culinary services for the customers in Mumbai. This integration allows the on-demand food delivery app Swiggy to deliver gourmet food to customers in a classy way.

The advantage of integrating Scootsy, a premium on-demand delivery platform is, now the users in Mumbai can access premium gourmet experiences by the delivery partners, Swiggy. It is recorded that Swiggy acquired Scootsy in 2018 for 50 crores.

What does the integration do to customers?

This integration allows Swiggy Clone app to have access to Scootsy's premium value, by understanding the niche consumer in delivering premium service offerings.

  • They have observed a change after integrating with Scootsy. Since then, they have been keenly noticing the premium category in creating a meaningful experience for the discerning users.
  • Now, they can deliver premium services to wider users in Mumbai.

What is Scootsy?

Scootsy is a Mumbai-based premium food delivery service where it delivered food from luxury hotels and restaurants like Nara Thai, Royal China, Masque, Trattoria, fruits, food stores, vegetables, toys, games, bakery items, electronics, etc. It was established in 2015, but now it is acquired by Swiggy in 2018, where it continued to function as an independent brand.

The recent update

The On-demand most trusted food delivery platform, Swiggy Clone, recently partnered with the top-.notch luxury hotels such as Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott, and ITC Hotels. This partnership will elevate the premium experience for the users.

To be precise, Swiggy Clone is merging with Mumbai-based premium food delivery service, Scootsy into its app.

They on-boarded Scootsy's services onto their app now. The reason for this integration is to expand its brand to all customers across Mumbai. Therefore, all the Scootsy users/customers will now be redirected to a curated selection on the app.

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Swiggy clone app to merge with Scootsy, a premium food delivery
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