Everyone is talking about NoSQL but what is the real advantage over the SQL

To understand MongoDB over SQL we should know what is the main difference between SQL and NoSQL

Considering today’s world requirements everyone wants the data as much as they can collect because data is like an asset to any company in today’s world. But data needs storage as in the traditional way we were storing it through the tables and CSV in a particular order. But what if your data is dynamic no specific pattern found and no particular format. And you still stored in a particular format or table in the ordered format then** you are not an intelligent data engineer**. Modern problems require a modern solution for dynamic data we need a dynamic model to store the data.

Here the main difference comes up between SQL and NoSQL. As we all know SQL stands for a structured query language means here we store data in an ordered format. Let’s see an example suppose you want to store login and password for your website then you can both platforms but more specific will be SQL because it is a fixed data but you want to store information of the patient in a hospital data then NoSQL is the best option.

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