This article is aimed at developers who are interested to upload small files to Amazon S3 using Flask Forms. In the following tutorial, I will start with an overview of the Amazon S3 followed by the python Boto3 code to manage file operations on the S3 bucket and finally integrate the code with Flask Form.

Application Overview

As a web developer, it is a common requirement to have the functionality of uploading the files to a database or to a server for further processing. Cloud computing brings the concept of treating the infrastructure as not hardware rather as software enabling the web developers with limited knowledge of infrastructure/hardware to take full advantage of the services.

Amazon is the most popular choice of cloud computing and Python became the go-to programming language for any cloud computing.

Objectives of this tutorial:

By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to:

  1. Create an S3 bucket with Python SDK.
  2. Enable bucket versioning to keep a track of file versions.
  3. Upload small files to S3 with Python SDK.
  4. Create a Flask Form to allow a certain type of files to upload to S3.

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Uploading Files To Amazon S3 With Flask Form - Uploading Small Files
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