This is the video Tutorial#17 for this Flutter Android & iOS Uber Clone App || Careem Clone App using Firebase as Backend with Google Maps Api. This is an online Ride Sharing App (ride sharing app development) just like UBER | CAREEM using Flutter with Firebase RealTime Database and Flutter Firebase Cloud Functions with Flutter Firebase Real Time Push Notifications. This is a complete flutter ride sharing app using flutter using firebase Course.

In this video tutorial 17, you will learn how in flutter provider state management we can add using flutter provider package and you will learn about flutter provider firebase and flutter provider http request and how to save user current location address using provide package in flutter for our flutter uber clone app || flutter careem clone app course in our Flutter Firebase Android and iOS Ride Sharing App like CAREEM and UBER Clone App with firebase as backend.

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Flutter State Management using Provider | Flutter Provider Package State Management & ChangeNotifier
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